2018 Golf Pool Entry Forms

Download one of the following 3 entry forms to your computer. When asked to 'open' or 'save' the file, click the small arrow beside the 'Save" button, and then save the file to the appropriate folder on your computer so you can easily find it again later.

The Excel and Word versions can be electronically completed and e-mailed back to me. They Excel version contains an interactive list of all eligible golfers which will allow you to select your golfers from a list without the need to key in each name. When you use these files, you may be asked to "Enable Editing" or "Enable Content", which you should do.

The PDF version can be printed and manually completed and then mailed or e-mailed(scan required) back to me.

If you have a problem using these forms, please contact me.

NOTE: It is not necessary to use any of these forms. You can e-mail or mail your list of 10 players in any format. However, it makes it easier for me if your list contains the golfer name as well as his purchase price. It also helps if the golfers are listed in descending order by purchase price.

Click to download an Entry Form in Excel Format. Chose this option if you can read and edit files created in Excel 2007, or later. This version includes an interactive list of all eligible golfers.

Click to download an Entry Form in Word Format. Chose this option if you are unable to read Excel files but are able to read and edit Word files.

Click to download a PDF version of the Entry Form. Chose this option if unable to read Excel or Word files.